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Berlin Infantry Brigade Colours Lapel Pin.

Military Remembrance Pins

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Wear this Berlin Infantry Brigade Round Pin with pride.

Size: 28mm

Made with high quality metal & enamels

2 x metal butterfly pin attachments.

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The Berlin Infantry Brigade was formed in October 1953 out of the force called "Area Troops Berlin" and consisted of some 3,100 men in three infantry battalions, an armoured squadron, and a number of support units. Its shoulder sleeve insignia was a red circle over a black background with the word Berlin in red on a black background running around the top.[1] It was not initially part of the British Army of the Rhine despite being based in Germany.[2] However, it is recorded, at the very least, by the mid-1980s, that the brigade was indeed part of BAOR, being its second major component after I (BR) Corps.[3]

The military post code for Berlin was originally BAOR 2, later BFPO 45.

The three infantry battalions and armoured squadron assigned to Berlin were rotated regularly; the single armoured squadron was detached from an armoured regiment assigned to I (BR) Corps. The infantry battalions were rotated every two years.[4][5] All other units were permanently based in Berlin. (WIKIPEDIA)

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