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Corps Of Army Music Remembrance Poppy Lapel Pin (CAMUS)

Military Remembrance Pins

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The Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) is a Corps of the British Army dedicated to the provision and promotion of military music

The formation of the Corps of Army Music was triggered by a defence review known as Options for Change in the early 1990s and followed a 1993 announcement by the Chief of the General Staff that the number of army bands was to be reduced from 69 to 30. The Queen signed a warrant on 13 August 1994 to allow the formation of the Corps of Army Music. This stated that it was Her will and pleasure that all officers who were Directors of Music in the various Corps and Regiments and that all army musicians should transfer to the Corps of Army Music - now the newest and most junior corps in the army - on 1 September 1994.[1]

The home of the corps was established at Kneller Hall in Twickenham, a site that encompasses the Headquarters of the Corps of Army Music and the Royal Military School of Music. The school was founded by the Duke of Cambridge, soon after his appointment as Commander in Chief in 1857, when the first class of military musicians was formed, a 'Class of Music'. The establishment was retitled as The Royal Military School of Music by Queen Victoria in 1887.[1]

The Future Army Structures review of 2006 saw the bands of the Regular Army reduced from 30 to 23.[2]


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