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Posted by Carl Hough on

Please say hello,

Let us and everyone know about your purchase experience.

Give us some ideas of new and old regiments to be put onto a remembrance pin.

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  • Have once again sent for the REME rememberance badge – this time its for me. The quantity is 1st class and have glued this and the Artificer pin on my husbands memorial bench at Seaton Carew. Absolutely great talking point with walkers who pass and withstanding the North zEadt weather. Thank you once again

    Sandy Anderson on
  • My RCT Remembrance pin is superb.Colours are outstanding.A superb pin for what was a superb corps back in the day.I will be wearing it with pride in the Royal Albert Hall next month for the festival of remembrance .Thank you .

    Michael Shepherd on
  • I have ordered numerous pin badges over the years and been highly delighted with quality and service. However beware as they are addictive!!

    Joe Menzies on
  • Well, another order and I will always be thankful to this site. Can always be sure of good service and value for money. Customers serve spot on and like chatting to an old mate.
    Brian Walters on
  • Hi
    have quite a collection of equip pins on my “campaign” hat.
    any chance of Scout and Sioux helicopter pins for the future, many NI Vets knew the scout very well and while the Navy had the Wasp, it just doesn’t look the job without it’s skids maybe even a GMPG poking out the side

    Mike Hosking on

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