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Centurion Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle Lapel Pin

Military Remembrance Pins

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Wear this Centurion BARV Pin with pride at any time of the year.

Made with High quality metals and enamels.

2 x Rear metal butterfly pin fasteners.

Size: 40mm 

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beach armoured recovery vehicle (BARV) is an armoured recovery vehicle used for amphibious landings.

There have been three different BARVs in British service since their introduction during World War II. They have also been used by Dutch and Australian forces.
By the late 1950s, Sherman BARVs were becoming less useful as they were unable to recover the heavier armoured vehicles that were being introduced. The Centurion BARV FV 4018 was developed as a replacement. A mild-steel prototype was followed in 1960 by 12 production vehicles. These were based on the hulls of Mark 1, 2, and 3 Centurion tanks that by this time were redundant. Although initially assigned to the Army, they were passed to the Royal Marines when the Army's amphibious assault role was given to the Marines.